I managed to work (working example: http://www.genovaperte.it/item/antico-forno-ursida/ - see it from iPhone / iPad).
I posted a question with my own answer to StackOverflow in a more general fashion. I'm dynamically placing a trasparent div over the Street View, toggled by a toggle button (like the one in Home page map). I also dynamically show/hide Street View controls according to its enabled/disabled state.ù

Here the full code for WP Directory template.

In style.less.css add these rules:
.draggable-street-view-toggle-button { cursor: pointer; background-color: #fff; border: solid 2px @firstThemeColor; z-index: 1000; position: absolute; right: 40px; padding: 10px; }
.prevent-dragging { position: absolute; width: 100%; height: 400px; z-index: 999; }
#directory-main-bar.hide-gmnoprint .gmnoprint { display: none; }

In map-single-javascript.php:

around line 56, where streetview is set up via gMap3, I suggest these recommended options:
zoomControl : Modernizr.touch ? false : true,
disableDefaultUI: false,
enableCloseButton : true

Add this Javascript function:
function toggleStreetViewControls(state) {
	mapDiv = $("#directory-main-bar");
	if(!state) {
		$('<div class="prevent-dragging"></div>').height({!$themeOptions->directoryMap->mapHeight}).insertBefore(mapDiv);
	else {

Add this code snippet on the end of the script, just before the {include 'ajaxfunctions-javascript.php'}:
if (Modernizr.touch){
	var swDraggableClass = {ifset $themeOptions->directoryMap->draggableForTouch}'active'{else}'inactive'{/ifset};
	var swDraggableTitle = {ifset $themeOptions->directoryMap->draggableForTouch}{__ 'Scorri sito'}{else}{__ 'Scorri vista stradale'}{/ifset};
	var swDraggableButton = $('<div class="draggable-street-view-toggle-button">'+swDraggableTitle+'</div>').insertBefore(mapDiv);
	if(swDraggableClass == 'active') {
		$('<div class="prevent-dragging"></div>').height({!$themeOptions->directoryMap->mapHeight}).insertBefore(mapDiv);
	swDraggableButton.click(function () {
					$(this).removeClass('active').addClass('inactive').text({__ 'Scorri sito'});
			} else {
					$(this).removeClass('inactive').addClass('active').text({__ 'Scorri vista stradale'});

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January 15, 2014, 1:56pm
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