We have purchased and installed the Longpage WP Skin, and installed it on a brand new WordPress installation.

The website is located here: http://www.patriotexplodingtargets.com/ and the page that is not working is here: http://www.patriotexplodingtargets.com/buy-exploding-targets/ the skin simply doesn't load on this page? Nothing was changed, no core code, zero.

However... every other page loads fantastic and lays out perfectly:

The Cart: http://www.patriotexplodingtargets.com/cart/
Checkout: http://www.patriotexplodingtargets.com/checkout/

No core code was changed, every plugin (3 total) was disabled and did not fix it, and this is a brand new install of Longpage and Wordpress, the site was just made yesterday.
May 7, 2012, 7:35am
AIT Supportivan
Hi, if it is a posts page, it seems that you've not any posts. It said just No Posts Found.
Regards, Ivan.
May 9, 2012, 2:35am