AIT SupportMartin
Hey guys,

I'm happy to announce a big update for Directory theme that we'd like to release to all existing and new customers for free.

Easy admin
We've developed a great new feature called Easy admin. This feature is coming to Directory theme for FREE to all new and existing customers. Easy admin allows users to administer their listings and ratings via frontend-like administration. Easy admin is a simplified and nicely designed Wordpress backend interface without any unnecessary bits and pieces. Please check a gallery on the following url for more details:

Business Finder theme compatibility
As you probably noticed, we have recently released a new directory theme called Business Finder. This theme has a completely different design and new additional features. This new theme is fully compatible with Directory theme and you can easily switch to it without loosing your items or categories.

Why we released Business Finder theme
We started working on that new design some time ago and we planned to release it after recurring payments and claim listing. In the meantime Themeforest has changed theme submission requirements: and therefore we had to release all themes that were in progress before 9th of September, for that reason updates to Directory theme were postponed.

Planed updates to Directory theme
We plan to extend Directory theme and add in 2 new features there - Paypal recurring payments and Claim listing feature. We already started working on these features and both features will be available soon as FREE update for all new and existing customers. Both recurring payments and claim listing will be also available in Business Finder theme.

Thank you all for your purchase, enjoy your sites :)
August 28, 2013, 4:27pm